The Juicing Manifesto

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In 2009 a huge effort was brought forth by all major companies in attempt to get the public to eat more fruits and vegetables. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) instilled a target percentage for each state. No one has met this target. Their campaign, called Healthy People, had the objective within each state to increase the proportion of people who consume two or more servings of fruit daily by 75% and those who consume three or more servings of vegetables daily by 50%. The ridiculous amount of readily available frozen and fast foods have caused this campaign to be almost utterly useless. However, with statistics as as scary as this, you’d think a little more campaigning in the public eye might have done it some good.

Photo Credit: CDC

The image to the left depicts the fruit and vegetable consumption within the united states during 2009. This graphical representation reports that at least 50% of our country doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables at all! Are you a victim of this crime? It is projected that if our country continues to eat processed foods that have almost no nutrition, we as a people will have much shorter life time expectancies. This is the first time in a hundred years that our life time expectancies have decreased due advancements in our society as there continues to be a countless number of heart and liver failures in the US all linked to unhealthy diets.

The juicing manifesto understands that you have a craving for deliciously slobbery oils and grease. Although we believe fast and processed foods should be eaten only in effects to treat yourself, we also understand that changing your diet is an incredibly difficult task. So here is what we are insisting: let’s not change your diet; let’s add to it. The problem with most fast and processed food is that it lacks nutrients. So, lets make up for these nutrients by adding an incredibly potent drink to our diets: juice.

When we say juice, we’re not just talking about the bottled concentrate that you buy in the grocery store. We’re talking about fresh-homemade juice. It sounds like a lot of work, but with the aid of a juicer, this can be a piece of cake (not literally!) If you are not willing to spend the extra $30 USD to buy a juicer, a blender will suffice, however, it will take much more work on your part to peel and cut all of your fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, if we find time to make fresh juice- juice in which we know all the ingredients- then we can add the missing nutrients to our diets.

When most people think about juicing, they think “juice fast.” A juice fast is a great way to cleanse your body, however, you will guaranteed be in food hell. Trust us- we’ve tried. There’s nothing more aggravating than denying the best looking chocolate cream puff because you promised yourself you would only drink juice. Nothing more than the feeling of having your friend eat the best smelling chicken sandwich from Chic-Fil-A right next to you as you eat your plain salad. A juice fast is not something so easy to slip into. We believe if you merely add fresh fruit and vegetable juice to your diet, you will eventually deny the cream puff because it feels good- because you can.

Let’s talk recipes. If you fed your brussels sprouts to your dog as  a child, you may still not be so inclined to vegetables. So take baby steps. Start with a combination of sweet fruits that sound appealing to you and add in the vegetables one by one. We know you’ve lasted this long with out vegetables in your diet, so there’s no reason to rush right in. Start with a leaf of kale- no more. Then maybe a stalk of celery. Drinking these nutrient potent drinks will not do you any good unless you can stick to it. You’ll have to continue to drink juice for more than a week to see any noticeable difference. Don’t be so daring; you make the recipes. No one will tell you how to do it- though if you’d like some guidelines I will post some delicious juicing recipes in the “Featured Recipes” page.

The documentary Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead says it takes about 15$ a day to juice- but that’s if you’re fasting, meaning you’re living off of strictly juice. Fresh fruit and vegetables will keep nicely in your fridge for at least a week if purchased just ripe. That being said, 50$ a week can last you possibly more than a week of juicing- quoted with the idea that we are adding one cup of juice to our normal diet a day. This is relatively inexpensive considering how much we’ll spend for a hamburger and french fries!

This is not just a manifesto. This is a challenge. The Juicing Manifesto challenges you all to add one cup of fresh fruit and vegetable juice to your diet daily. Be the change in proportion- be the 1%. Some of us look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “how did we get this way?” Most of us know this is the result of fast food- always needing to be on the go. So make a few cups of juice and keep it in the fridge. Let yourself be on the go. It only takes five minutes to start. Your fresh juice will last in the fridge for about 2 days in an air tight container.

It is imperative to make sure your body is receiving the proper amount of nutrients. If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve always felt sleepy every five minutes, it’s likely that you need a little more nutritional life in your diet. Our diet has changed so drastically for the worse that it’s a wonder how we ever manage to get out of the house and get things done. So put down the fork for one minute and pick up a glass of juice. I promise, it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks, and sometimes it even smells like Christmas.

If you would not like to invest in a juicer or don’t have the time to put in the work for a blender, consider doing a little research! Many chains and companies have jumped on board the nutrition train and are offering fresh juices. Mother’s Market and Whole Foods are two great places to start! If you can’t find one near you, most generic grocery store carry Naked juice or Odwalla. There are many options staring you right in the face. Don’t be afraid to look back. We’re only talking about a cup a day.

Challenge accepted.

Photo Credit: .beaker


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